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Dipping Items & F.A.Q



**Bananas ** Apple Slices

**Grapes ** Melons

**Dried Fruit**Brownies**Cherries

**Oreo Cookies**Shortbread Cookies

**Pretzels**Rice Krispy Treats

**Marshmallows**Nutter Butter Cookies

**Dried Apricots**Coconut Macaroons

**Creme Puffs**Sugar cookies

**May request other cookies or other items


1. What type of chocolate do you use?

The finest Premium Gourmet Belgian &French Fondue Chocolate is always used in Chocolate Fountains Delite fountains . This ensures a smooth and elegant flow of chocolate as well as a decadent flavor and texture. Chocolate is available in milk, white, or dark. Our favorite choice is a blend of our dark and milk together, it is delicious!

2. Do I have to set up, take down and clean the Chocolate Fountain?

At Chocolate Fountains Delite, we do all the work for you, so you can relax and enjoy your special event. Included with our Basic and Full Fountain Rentals is an on-site fountain attendant, who will set up the fountain, show your guests how to use the fountain, and ensure that everything runs smoothly with your event and the fountain. They will then take down the fountain and leave you with no mess to clean up.

3. How long can I have the Chocolate Fountain at my event?

Included with all of our Fountain Rentals is up to Three (3) hours of enjoyment of the Chocolate Fountain. This is more than enough time for most events, however, if you would like us to stay longer, we can always add additional time on an as needed basis. Chocolate Fountains Delite will arrive to your event location approximately 60-90 minutes prior to your scheduled fountain run time to setup the fountain and have the chocolate fountain flowing by your scheduled fountain run time. Our clean up time is approximately 45-60 minutes. The setup and take down time are not counted towards your 3 hours of enjoyment time and are not charged separately. They are part of our normal service.

 4. What dipping items can be used with the Fountain?

Some of our most popular dipping items include: Strawberries, Pineapple, Bananas, Dried fruit, Marshmallow, Pretzels, Crème Puffs, Rice Krispie Treats and a variety of cookies. There are a number of other items, however we do not use any cake items.

They crumb too easily.

 5. Who provides the dipping items?

Most of our clients don't want the extra worry of having to bring their own dipping items. Because of this, Chocolate Fountains Delite can provide the Chocolate Fountain as well as the dipping items. There is a flat charge of 2.00 per guest for 8 different dipping items. You simply tell us which dipping items you'd like to have and we bring them. We also provide beautiful platters and serving ware to display the food on the table. However, if you would like to provide your own dipping items, that is fine too. We will always take care of the fountain and help the guests with dipping. We can give you lots of great food ideas and approximately how much you should plan on preparing.

 6. Can I use the chocolate fountain outside?

When it comes to outdoor chocolate fountain rentals, we generally suggest not to. The only exception is if the chocolate fountain is completely enclosed or in an area where absolutely no wind would be able to reach it. Outside air temperature plays an important factor on the flowing consistency of the chocolate and even a slight breeze will blow the chocolate outside of the fountain and onto everything around it. Finally, flying critters tend to be very attracted to the chocolate's sweet aroma.

 7. Can I use the chocolate fountain in place of the wedding cake?

Absolutely, many of our brides have chosen to have a chocolate fountain instead of a traditional wedding cake. The shape is actually similar to a traditional wedding cake but so much more fun and enjoyable. The bride and groom often dip strawberries into the fountain and feed it to each other. It also provides guests a much broader choice of desserts. Price comparisons have shown that the fountain is most often less expensive than a traditional wedding cake. Guests have been delighted!

 8. What are the table and electrical requirements for the Chocolate Fountain?

Since the chocolate fountains weigh approximately 100 pounds when full, a level, sturdy 6-8 foot banquet table must be provided at the location. If it is not level, the chocolate will not flow properly. The Chocolate Fountain requires a 120 volt grounded electrical outlet within 12 feet of the set-up location.

 9. What areas does Chocolate Fountains Delite Service?

Chocolate Fountains Delite serves all of the greater Sacramento area. We will travel outside the area( Napa Valley, Bay area most of northern California) for a small travel fee. Please call for quote 916.786.7755

 10. Are reservations and a deposit required?

Yes, we require a reservation, a signed contract and a $200.00 deposit at the time of booking. Reservations are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. The balance of your payment is due 7-10 days prior to the scheduled date of your event.

 We hope your questions were answered

if not…..please call…..916-786-7755